Thursday, December 13, 2012

Narendra Modi is just a sham!

Narendra Modi has the habit of challenging all and sundry to gain cheap popularity without realising the fact that voters have become more intelligent. This has reference to his challenge to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to contest against him. This man does not seem to be not knowing protocol. Manmohan is not Deve Gowda to contest for Chief Minister's position after becoming Prime Minister.

For Narendra Modi, Manmohan, Sonia and Rahul are soft targets. If he has any guts, he should talk against Laloo, Nitish and Mayawati. He knows very well that they will not leave him to move in day time anywhere. Therefore, he targets them (Manmohan, Sonia and Rahul).

Even the press and electronic media are obsessed with Modi. While they call it great for having ruled 11 years continuously, they have no courtesy of showing the same praise for Sheila Dixit who has been ruling Delhi continuously for 15  years. Jyoti Basu ruled West Bengal for record 28 years and no eye brows were raised.

Laloo and his illiterate and ignorant wife ruled Bihar for 15 years continuously. No eye brows are raised. Deve Gowda, a Panchayat level politician has become Prime Minister and no eye brows were raised. But, in case of Narendra Modi, every one raises eye brows.

With this kind of track record, can he be the candidate for Prime Ministership? But, alas! one can ask if Deve Gowda can, why not Modi? This can happen only in India!.
    -- M.H. Nayak, Mumbai

Apropos your article 'Modi dares PM to contest Gujarat polls' (ADC, Oct 9). Is it just me or are others also beginning to find Narendra Modi's constant bluster and bravado a bit tiresome? No doubt it worked to his advantage the first few times, but when he repeats the performance ad nauseum, it becomes... well, nauseating. His latest challenge asking the Prime Minister to stand for election is a safe gimmick, for he knows he is invincible in Gujarat - and Gujarat only. If I was in the
PM's shoes, I would call Modi's bluff and dare him to stand for election in any constituency outside Gujarat. After all, Modi has made no secret of his ambition to become PM, so it is perfectly reasonable to ask him to prove his popularity outside his home state.
        -- Firoze Hirjikaka, Colaba