Friday, August 31, 2012

Keshubhai now targets CM’s sadbhavana

Continuing his attack on Narendra Modi, his bete noire Keshubhai Patel on
Sunday said the Sadbhavana Mission fasts and many other functions on government
schemes were a big farce to mislead people.
Addressing the first public meeting of Sampoorna Vyavastha Parivartan Manch
(SVPM) at the Town Hall, the rebel BJP leader ridiculed government’s Garib Kalyan
Melas and other such functions saying these fairs had cost more than the worth of actual
benefits reaching the beneficiaries.
“Had there been real sadbhavana in him (Modi), this would have come out in
2002,” Keshubhai said.
The former CM charged Modi with undoing all the good work and administrative
reforms done during his tenure and said time was ripe to throw out the current regime
of “terror and oppression”.
He said Modi was patting self on the back while indulging in falsehoods for
convincing people of his non-existing achievements. All his actions, he said, were aimed
at self-aggrandisement and for strengthening of own hands instead of creating an
enabling environment for the people to grow.
“If these activities are not brought under control, the entire economy of the state
would go to shreds due to high level corruption and black money,” he said.
Projects like GIFT City, he said, were to fool people into believing them whereas the fact
was that there were no takers for them till date.
On Modi’s invitation to Tata Motors to set up the Nano car project in the state, he
said this “proved a failure in employment generation for locals even after throwing away
Rs 33,000 crore to the firm which gave jobs to just a few hundred locals”.
Former CM Suresh Mehta, who highlighted “achievements” of the Keshubhai
government vis-a-vis the Congress and BJP regimes, said that on taking stock of
happenings of the past decade, it became clear that poverty and unemployment had
grown despite all sorts of Garib Kalyan Melas and admission drives all these years.
“The number of BPL families has gone up from 23 lakh in 2005 to 38 lakh in
2011 whereas the number of school-going children has come down to 81.4 lakh in 2011
from 82.54 lakh in 2002 despite the population growing from five crore to six crore,” he
Mehta said the main objective of these “melas and utsavs” was to keep people’s
attention away from the governance radar “so that they don’t have time to see the
deteriorating governance”.