Thursday, December 13, 2012

'There should be a malnutrition survey carried out'

Two years ago your channel had done a half-an-hour show on the good work done by the Gujarat government on water issues. There was a time, where 4,000 villages were depending on water tankers by the beginning of January or February.
Today we have supplied Narmada water through pipelines. This year, even after rain deficit over two months, we had to supply water though tankers to few villages only. Even in Kutch there is water. Earlier Border Security Force had kept 900 camels only to ferry drinking water for the BSF jawans in Rann. Now we are supplying Narmada water to them. Let Soniaji speak whatever she wants because of political reasons. But Gujarat has done a lot on water issues.
Second thing, I'm not yet happy about the development work in these 11 years. People might be happy. I say that I was filling the pits dug by the Congress in all these years. The process to build the Gujarat of my dream will begin now.
On malnutrition
The Planning Commission has not given any Gujarat specific figure on malnutrition. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has himself admitted that there is a very shameful situation across India on malnutrition. I've also appealed to work together. There is no specific survey or concrete data on malnutrition in the country. That's why I had asked for a scientific survey on malnutrition.
It should be brought out what are the region specific problems regarding malnutrition. Even at times water causes nutrition problems. There are many reasons and that's why we have to work together.
But first of all there should be a survey carried out. Gujarat is the first state in the country to start a specific programme called 'nutrition mission'. Around Rs 1000 crore we have allocated in budget for this programme. We are working towards it.
On M B Shah Commission
Justice Shah is a highly reputed judge. I had just given the entire memorandum on corruption submitted by the Congress to Justice Shah Commission. Congress has alleged Rs 65000 crore corruption in land deal. The Shah Commission found out that the land allotment was made in 1983 under the Congress CM. When the former CM would come to know about this, how embarrassing will it be for him that his own party men accuse him of corruption?