Sunday, December 2, 2012

Verdict blasts city cops for poor investigation

Gujarat EDN
TOI 04SEP2012


Ahmedabad: The court verdict in the Naroda Patia case blasted the city cops for not doing any policing during the 2002 riots and then deliberately conducting poor investigations.
    The court observed that inept and inefficient handling of the situation on February 28, 2002 by the then PI K K Mysorewala resulted in mass murders, “which has brought shame for the entire nation and shame to the secular feature of the Constitution of India”.
    However, the court held that the weakness of police cannot be considered as criminality. “No doubt, it was an elephantine task to investigate the kind of crimes, but then it cannot be believed that the senior Investigating Officers, having experience, do not know what should be the priorities in such kind of investigation. But, it seems that they must have been overshadowed by some element,” the court said.
    The court concluded that Mysorewala and his force were totally inactive on all fronts and in every aspect.