Thursday, December 13, 2012

Punjab Animal Population (-) 30%; Gujarat (+) 30% & 95% Central Co-ops

This is response to ‘Thappar’ ads of Modi.

Since 1997 Animal census Punjab reduced animal population by 30% from 9.9m to 6.9, in 2007 but Gujarat increased animal population from 19.7m to 23.5m in same period. Growth rate was 0.5m every year therefore current population increased to 26.0m plus or 30%.

Growth in Milk Supply was associated mainly due to growth in animal population.

Punjab has more milk production from 6.9m or less farm animals than Gujarat rearing over 26m.

But most amazing – Central Registered Funded Co-operatives in Gujarat procure 95% of Milk in Gujarat.

Gujarat procured 35% of milk procured by all Milk Plants in India or 9m kg per day but only 3m kg per day was sold in liquid milk. Thus Rural Gujarat sold over 4 million tons of milk out of just over 9 million tones and out of this over 2 million tones milk products were exported. Gujarat has few Slaughter houses and produce 0.3% of meats in India. Thus sale of milk and exports is major contributor for Malnutrition & Anemia.

Even Animals are Malnutrition and Anemic in Gujarat – expect Goats all yield less meat than national average – way below Punjab or Haryana.

Also ONGC, a Central PSU produces 95% of Oil & Gas in Gujarat. GSPC even after investing over Rs.8000 crores produces little and had allowed Reliance to dig in GSPC discoveries.

The following stats also revealed – Net State GDP of Gujarat is 6.76% of India for 5% population but per capita Rural and Urban monthly expenditure are 875/772 and 1471/1472 compared to India average.

Ravinder Singh