Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gujarat Added Uttarkhand Population+Pb Farm Animals(C)

When Modi came to Power he used to address ‘5 Crore Gujaratis’, now he says ‘6 crore+ Gujaratis’ without realizing Gujarat mostly drought affected state, short of water has added an Uttarkhand in Population and neglected ‘Healthcare’ essential for ‘Family Welfare.’

Progressive states like Punjab and Kerala give highest priority to family welfare. Fertility rate in Gujarat is twice more than these two states.

Just 8% of girls use Sanitary Napkins in Gujarat which speaks of the neglect.

Gujarat under the current leadership has added Farm Animal population of Punjab in Gujarat and still short of Milk Production than Punjab.

Policy of Punjab was to ‘Improve Milk Yield & Reduce Farm Animals’ – Gujarat mainly increased number of Farm Animals.

6.5m Farm Animals in Punjab produces more Milk than 26m Farm Animals of Gujarat.

Yet Central government always favored Gujarat in installing Milk Plants than Punjab efficient producer of milk.