Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Modi as PM? India isn’t so ill-fated: Anand Sharma

DNA Correspondent  Surat
Union minister for commerce, Anand Sharma, lashed out at CM Narendra Modi on Tuesday, for making “false claims of development”. He claimed that the chief minister has spent nearly Rs1,100 crore on only advertisements for self-propaganda.
“India’s luck hasn’t run out yet for Modi to become prime minister,” said Sharma at a media conference here.
Comparing Modi’s oration with that of Hitler’s, he said that the chief minister expects people to believe his oft-repeated lies being hammered during poll propaganda.
“Modi is so arrogant that he doesn’t even respond to letters from union ministries,” claimed Sharma. He also criticised Modi’s claim that Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) has been signed during his visit to Japan, and also questioned why chief ministers of five other states did not accompany him to Japan to sign the memorandum of understanding (MoU).
Terming development claims of Modi as eyewash, Sharma said that the state government has failed to solve basic issues of the common man. “Gujarat is lagging behind in different growth parameters, which proves the administration lacks seriousness,” he added.

Sharma lashes out at Modi for Sonia tirades
Anand Sharma came down heavily on CM Narendra Modi for his derogatory remarks about Sonia Gandhi. He warned that Congress workers won’t tolerate any insults against their leader and will fight to expose his real face.

Slams BJP for FDI flip-flop
Sharma also spoke about the double standards of BJP on FDI. He said that state governments of Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab (where BJP is in power) gave written consent to FDI bill in November last year. Even during call for second opinion, there was no opposition. Later when BJP’s national leadership started opposing the bill, the three governments declared that they were against it. The union government has still not received a letter of contention in writing.