Friday, December 7, 2012

Keshubapa to contest from Visavadar

Gujarat EDN
TOI 26SEP2012

Says He Is Willing To Become CM If His Party Comes To Power

Ahmedabad: Former chief minister andfounder of Gujarat Parivartan Party (GPP)KeshubhaiPatelon Tuesday announced that he will contest the forthcoming assembly polls from his traditionalconstituency,Visavadar in Junagadh district.
    Theoctogenarian leader said he was open to accept the responsibility of becoming chief minister if his party was voted to power. “If the party thinks I shouldbecomeCM,I am willing to do so,” Patel told a group of columnists adding that his party will contest all 182 seats in the election and that there is no scope for compromise with either BJP or Congress. G P P w i l l emerge as a strong regional party a bright future, he claimed.
    The Patel patriarch said that people are disillusioned with the Modi regime. “He has a habit of making tall claims, marke t i n g d r e a m s and is always busy in self publicity, but in reality he is failure on all fronts except in favouring a few industrialists.” Growth has still eluded rural and tribal areas, he said.
When asked if he still enjoyed support from sections of the RSS, Keshubhai said RSS does not support anyone publicly but we have many wellwishers in the Sangh.
“Leadersof Kisan Sangh are supporting usopenly,” saidPatel while claiming that most officebearersof Bahujan SamajParty (BSP) from Gujarat have joined GPP and more NCP leaders from South Gujarat are also willing to join GPP.
Keshubhaiclaimed that his conventions and public meetings are evoking very enthusiastic response and he willembarkon his Parivartan yatra this Thursday, from Virpur.