Friday, December 7, 2012

ECI orders could mask parties' poll spirit

Gujarat EDN
TOI 28SEP2012


Gandhinagar: Though the Election Commission of India (ECI) has come out with stringent instructions on what items can be used for poll campaign, the political parties have been allowed to use articles like masks, caps and scarves to make the forthcoming campaign colourful. However, the measures could prove to be a dampener for political parties.
    Use of Narendra Modi masks by BJP supporters had made headlines during the campaign for the last assembly elections in Gujarat in 2007.
    The ECI has disallowed political parties from supplying main apparels like shirts and saris for processions and rallies. Sources said that there would be no more wearing of shirts and saris with party symbols printed all over.
    One of the
that have been
given to the poll machinery in the state by the ECI in view of the state assembly elections is that the premises of educational institutions, whether those run or aided by the government along with the private ones, cannot be used for political campaigns and rallies.
    The ECI has also come out with stringent instructions with regards to defacement of properties during the poll campaign. The commission has prohibited the use of private property for wall writing, pasting of posters and other defacement which is not easily removable despite the parties having taken the consent of the owner of the property.
    Meanwhile, defacement of any sort is not permitted on any government premises. With reference to the specifically earmarked places for displaying advertisements in a public place like bill boards and hoardings, the ECI has asked the district electoral officers to ensure that all political parties get access.