Saturday, November 10, 2012

With adspend of Rs 200-500 cr, Modi's election PR blitz leaves Congress dazed

Print ads and films, campaigns on Twitter, Facebook and maybe a special deal with YouTube... Gujarat Chief Minister Narenda Modi is leaving little -- including expenses -- to chance. No wonder the Congress is worried!
Arjun Modhwadia, president of the Gujarat unit of the Congress party, is having sleepless nights NOT because he will be taking on popular Chief Minister Narendra Modi [ Images ] in the assembly elections but because he will have to counter Modi's huge power of communication.
Leaders of the Gujarat Congress think that Modi will use his government's budget for  various ministries in the coming six months to propagate himself and his government's achievements. It can be done legally and, Congressmen know, it will also be done smartly.
The Congress's estimate is that before the elections, Modi will unleash material for his publicity and propaganda like never before. A senior Congress leader told,  "Our estimate says it will be anything in the range of Rs 200 crore."
But Modhwadia puts the figure much higher. He says, "Modi will use various budgets in the range of Rs 500 crore to gear up for the elections. Only when the model code of conduct comes into effect will he use party funds."