Saturday, November 24, 2012

Why is Narendra Modi silent? Cong

Gujarat EDN
IE 30AUG2012

Terming the verdict in the Naroda Patiya massacre case as a “tight slap” on the face of those using the riots for their “selfish ends”, the state Congress said Chief Minister Narendra Modi was the “real beneficiary” and he “should accept responsibility for the riots”.
GPCC spokesperson Manish Doshi said it was really unfortunate that the CM was running away from his responsibility.
Stating that Modi had taken out “gaurav yatra” all over the state after the riots in 2002, Doshi questioned the silence of Modi after conviction of 32 persons, including former minister Dr Maya Kodnani and former Bajrang Dal functionary Babu Bajrangi.
“Why is Modi silent after the verdict in the case? People of Gujarat want to know about it,” he said.
Condemning the “unsuccessful bid of Modi to seek a clean chit for himself by shifting the responsibility for the riots on others”, Doshi asked why was Kodnani appointed a minister by Modi if she was mentioned as accused in the government affidavit.