Saturday, November 24, 2012

It's a historic verdict, says former DGP

Gujarat EDN
IE 30AUG2012

Hailing the verdict in the Naroda Patiya massacre case as “historic”, former Director General of Police R B Sreekumar said it was for the first time that the foot-soldiers as well as those who organised the riots were punished.
“I salute the victim-survivors who are extremely poor, as well as their advocates, who took on the mighty in the land to seek justice,” Sreekumar told mediapersons.
“I hail the judgment. It is a great victory for the judicial system in the country. It gives great hope to the victims,” he added.
He said there were hardly any incident in India where the upper echelons of society involved in communal riots were punished for their crimes. “It were always the foot-soldiers who suffered for the crimes of their leaders, but the verdict in the Naroda Patiya incident is the first one in India's communal riots history where the leaders have also been punished,” the ex-DGP, who earned the wrath of the Narendra Modi government for his depositions before the Nanavati Commission, said.
“Had some of police officials from inspector to the IPS level having connived with the rioters been prosecuted in the case, it would have sent a message to the entire force that they cannot get away with their crimes simply by virtue of being policemen,” Sreekumar said.