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Naroda Patia Is The 3rd '02 Riots-Related Case In Which Court Agreed With Prosecution On Conspiracy


Ahmedabad: The special SIT court on Wednesday held that the killing of 97 persons at Naroda Patia was the result of a preplanned conspiracy.
    This is the third of SIT-prosecuted post-Godhra riots cases, wherein the court has accepted the prosecution's contention that the riots were not spontaneous reaction to the Godhra carnage, rather they were actually a result of meeting of minds to target members of the minority community. Earlier, two special courts in Anand had upheld the prosecution's case that criminal conspiracy was hatched by the accused persons before the killings that took place in Ode town in the aftermath of the Godhra incident.
    In Naroda Patia massacre case, the defence lawyers maintained that it was reaction of killing of 57 kar sevaks at Godhra a day earlier and the atmosphere was communally charged.
    However, prosecutors Akhil Desai and Gaurang Vyas highlighted that most of the members of unlawful assembly were armed with weapons. To drive its point home about the conspiracy, the prosecution argued that the rioters put up obstacles to prevent cops or relief from reaching the victims.
    In its verdict, the court has convicted persons like Maya Kodnani, then BJ P MLA who was not even witnessed as having assaulted anybody, of murder, attempt to murder, and assault. This is primarily because the court has ordered the charges under the sections 302, 307, 295, 427, 435, 436 of IPC to be read with sections 120B and 149 of IPC.
No apology, says Modi
Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi has refused to apologize for the 2002 riots.”One only has to ask for forgiveness if one is guilty of a crime. If you think it's such a big crime, why should the culprit be forgiven? Just because Modi is a chief minister, why should he be forgiven? I think Modi should get the biggest punishment possible if he is guilty. And the world should know that there isn't any tolerance for such political leaders,” he told The Wall Street Journal. PTI Fear, satisfaction at Patia on judgment day
Ahmedabad: It was a day that hundreds at Naroda Patia had been waiting for since the bloodbath in their locality on February 28, 2002. Children were not sent to school and most men preferred to take a day off work, as families at Naroda Patia were glued to TV sets since early Wednesday morning. Many of those who lost near ones in the killings, moved to other parts of the city for the day fearing a backlash over the verdict. As soon as news of the conviction of 31 people, including BJP MLA Mayaben Kodani and VHP leader Babu Bajrangi flashed on TV screens, a look of agreement came across face of many in the locality.
    “It was a long battle. We are thankful to the judiciary and are happy that even those in powerful positions have been convicted. We want the court to give them the severest punishment, because what they did is not taught in any religion. We will move high court against those who escaped conviction, including police officials,” said Mohammad Rafiq, 63. Rafiq was a witness against two of convicts and lost a cousin in the riots. Many at Patia, like Shabana Kureshi, couldn't sleep the night before the verdict. Shabana lost her mother and sister in 2002.