Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Naroda Patiya goes quiet day before ruling

Day before the judgment is likely to be pronounced, many residents leave the place fearing for their lives; police to provide protection.

There is an uneerie calm at Naroda Patiya, a day before verdict in
the case is likely to be pronounced. Many terrified residents, who
were witness to the 2002 riots, do not want to take any chances and
have left the place ahead of the judgment.
On Friday afternoon, Naroda Patiya resident Moinuddin and his
family got into an autorickshaw with baggage. He refused to answer any
queries and said he was off to a relative’s house.
An elderly man was more forthcoming. Lala Khan, 70, wanted to know
if there was a possibility of a riot on Saturday. There was relief on
his face when we replied in the negative.
Khan who was witness to the dastardly act said, “I have not slept
for the past many days after I had heard that judgment would be
delivered on June 30.”
On the other hand, Nazir Master, who played a key role in helping
out the riot victims in getting compensation, said, “Locals are scared
because they have suffered a lot in 2002. Residents have been assured
of police protection during judgment day, but today (Friday) not a
single police patrol van was found in the area. This confused people
who decided to leave rather than take any chances.”
Saberabanu Sheikh, however, has decided to stay put despite her
neighbours having left the place.
Sheikh said, “I do fear for my life. But if everybody leaves, who
will look after our belongings? It is obvious for people to leave
after what they witnessed in 2002 when without provocation their dear
ones were massacred.”

Naroda police visited the area in the evening and assured people of
their safety. According to sources, police personnel from Dariapur,
Kalupur, Khadia, Shaher Kotda and other police stations were moved to
Naroda Patiya and Naroda Gaam late in the evening to prevent any
untoward incident. DCP (Zone 4) Niraj Badgurjar who is overseeing the
arrangements said, “Proper police bandobast is in place at Naroda
Patiya to ensure the safety of residents and prevent any untoward