Sunday, January 8, 2012

Singham vs Singham

The inside story of war of words between R B Sreekumar and Sanjiv Bhatt


On one hand is the simple, down to earth, three-time President’s Award winner, retired IPS officer R B Sreekumar. He is the first police officer, who openly came out against Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and his “wrong doings” during Gujarat riots. He is widely known for his principles, simplicity besides tireless crusade for justice.
On the other hand, is IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt, a relatively new entrant who has jumped onto the anti-Modi bandwagon. He is an officer known to be media-savvy, good at networking and an inspiration for the youth with his fitness adding on to his glam value.
Both of them are fighting against the Modi government but over the last few days they seem to be fighting more with each other. Mirror attempts to find out the inside story.
R B Sreekumar: An IPS officer of the 1972 batch, Sreekumar headed the state intelligence in 2002. He was the first officer to openly come out to expose how the Modi government reportedly did not perform its duty of protecting all citizens without bias and how the police were told to go slow on Hindu rioters. His deposition before the Nanavati Commission saw an embarrassed state government first trying to pressure him and then deny him a promotion. To the government’s chagrin, Sreekumar even came out with his personal diary notings exposing how the government was not being fair towards all irrespective of caste and creed. His fight with Gujarat government for justice for riot victims which began soon after Godhra riots in 2002 continues.
Sanjiv Bhatt: An IPS officer of the 1988 batch, he joined the anti-Modi bandwagon in November 2009, claiming that he was present in a controversial meeting chaired by Modi in Gandhinagar where instructions were given to target Muslims and to go slow on Hindus. He became a superhero after he was arrested by Gujarat government on September 13. His fight continues.
To the amusement of the government and shock of all those human rights activists out to seek justice or as Modi supporters put it, “malign Gujarat”, Sreekumar and Bhatt got embroiled in a war of words which became public knowledge on Christmas eve. The contention between the two is an affidavit that
Bhatt filed.
RBS, as Sreekumar is known, was not happy with the affidavit. RBS says Bhatt’s affidavit distorts truth. Bhatt says he has never said anything but the truth. Then began an exchange of letters. The war of words has seen five letters being exchanged between the two.
I have nothing personal against Sanjiv Bhatt. But the affidavit that he has filed with Nanavati Commission where he has described himself as Staff Officer with State Intelligence Department is a lie. Bhatt has said that he was privy to several confidential

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