Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sonia storm lashes Saurashtra

Attacks Modi Govt On Lokayukta, VAT, Farmer Suicides

Rajkot: Congress president Sonia Gandhi sounded the battle cry against the BJP as she kicked off her party’s election campaign by addressing a massive public rally in this main Saurashtra city on Wednesday. Gandhi, who had raised a storm by calling Narendra Modi a ‘maut ka saudagar’ ahead of assembly polls in 2007, steered cleared of targeting the chief minister and instead emphasised her party’s contribution to the Gujarat growth story. 
    “Let us make a new Gujarat,” she said at the rally held in the heart of drought-affected Saurashtra region, where BJP is already struggling to counter former chief minister Kesbhubhai Patel’s aggressive campaign. 
    While she tore apart Modi government on issues like high VAT on petroleum products and farmer suicides, Gandhi did not respond to the chief minister’s bid to provoke her ahead of the rally – Modi had alleged that Union government had spent Rs 1,880 crore for the Congress chief’s foreign travels. 
    “Whenever we have taken steps in the interest of the nation, there have been all kinds of attacks against us. Neither have we bothered earlier, nor will we worry about them in future. These people are not against corruption, they are just against us,” Gandhi said. 
    With senior party colleagues including political secretary Ahmed Patel by her side, Gandhi drove down to Ramkrishna Ashram in Rajkot after landing at 10.40 am in a symbolic gesture to blunt Modi’s poll campaign, which revolves around the Ramkrishna’s most famous disciple, Swami Vivekananda. She also visited Kaba Gandhi no Delo, which is associated with Karamchand Gandhi, the father of Mahatma Gandhi, en route to the Race Course ground, the venue for her rally. 
Govt didn’t pay for Sonia’s foreign trips: CIC New Delhi: With the Central Information Commission (CIC) making it clear that the government has not paid for Sonia Gandhi’s treatment, the Congress on Wednesday accused chief minister Narendra Modi of trying to achieve cheap publicity by levelling false allegations against the UPA chairperson. Congress leader B K Hari Prasad called Modi the biggest liar of the century. 
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