Monday, December 3, 2012

Modi or his statue: Denied!

Gujarat EDN
DNA   05SEP2012

    It seems Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is jinxed when it comes to the all-time Gujju favourite land: the United States of America. We know of so many Patels and Shahs who wouldn't mind changing their surnames for either a visit or a green card application to the place! Our CM, however, is not as lucky. Modi has twice been denied US visa (although his bhakts would erroneously have us believe Modi never asked for one; and then, isn't it unpalatable since US clarified its embassy denied visa to Modi).
    Some of his admirers, keen on having him in the US, wanted him to address their World Gujarati Conference, something Modi has been doing since a couple of years anyways. However, your diarist has been informed by two bubbly Amdavadi youths, currently in the US, that not just Modi, even his statue seems to be facing a visa problem! It seems a full-sized Modi statue (the kinds you find in Madame Tussauds), was exported, but on way, the statue found itself in the hands of Customs officials. Had this happened in India, Modi and his ilk would have conveniently blamed the 'hal halto anyaaya' (mindblowing injustice) of the UPA-led Centre. Anyway, the Modi statue did make its way out of India. But then, your diarist learnt the statue wasn't given a go-ahead by Customs in China (A country whose growth model Modi follows, besides, he has also been there on a State visit). This Customs nonclearance of Modi's statue has become a matter of joke even among Modi admirers. One of them laughed as he said, 'It isn't just Modi who has been rejected a US visa, even his statue seems to have some visa problems'. So what if the statue wasn't there, Modi was at his rhetoric best while video conferencing with NRGs in New Jersey, educating them on how Gujarat is being harassed by the Centre when his only aim is development.