Friday, December 7, 2012

Blast accused file complaint against Bajrangi

Gujarat EDN
TOI 25SEP2012

 Ahmedabad: After reportedly beating up the Naroda Patia massacre convict, Babu Bajrangi in Sabarmati central jail last week, the 2008 serial blast accused have filed an application before the special court complaining about his gestures insulting their religion and criminal intimidation.
    Forty-nine blast suspects requested special judge Jyotsna Yagnik to take action
    a senior jailor identified as Vankar, for the alleged persecution of the prisoners. The court issued notice to the special prosecutors, asking them to explain the issue at the next hearing.
    The prisoners claim that on September 19, Bajrangi and his accomplices accosted three of them, detained in serial blasts case – Mohammed Ismail, Abbas Sameja and Javed Ahmed near the hospital. “They spoke scornfully of our community and insulted our religion. Bragging about his political clout, he threatened to kill each of the blast accused and said that they will teach us a lesson like they did in the 2002 Gujarat riots,” the complaint reads.
    Beside Bajrangi, the prisoners also accused the jailor of criminal intimidation. When they went to complain, the jailor asked them what was wrong in abusing them. He allegedly threatened to beat them up as he had on March 27, 2009, the application mentions.
    The blast accused told the court that jail authorities have given Bajrangi a free hand, and he roams freely “abusing and threatening people and communalizing the jail atmosphere”.
    Jail officials have been accused of providing special facilities to Bajrangi, in particular allowing him to meet visitors for longer periods.
    The blast suspects also expressed apprehension that jail officials might put them in solitary confinement. Citing these causes, they sought court protection against possible high-handedness from jail authorities.