Sunday, November 25, 2012

Langdo: No consideration for human life

Gujarat EDN
DNA 01SEP2012

The court refused to consider his argument that he had been targeted because he was married to a Muslim woman. His being married to a Muslim woman is not matter of consideration for this court as no evidence was put up

l It [his being married to a Muslim woman] is his personal affair

l Picking up clues from the sting operation [done by Ashish Khetan for Tehelka) on co-accused [Prakash Rathod], it is clear that he nurtured tremendous hatred and enmity against Muslims.

l He is guilty of the maximum number of offences, including his overt act in the highest number of murders; he does not deserve any sympathy.

l There is nothing on record even to show that he is lame. Even if it is accepted to be a hard reality, then, interest and involvement enable even the lame to climb the Himalayas -- why can't the commission of these crimes by him not be believed?