Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kodnani and her role in BJP

Gujarat EDN

DNA 29AUG2012

Sources in the BJP said Kodnani is a three-time MLA of BJP and the party invites leaders to functions as per their stature

Nikunj Soni l Ahmedabad

Looks like Dr Maya Kodnani, three-time MLA of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), is still important for the party. Her name was in the list of leaders who were asked to remain present and join the party workers in the jail bharo agitation held at Naroda Patia on June 22 this year. This was ahead of the verdict of the Naroda Patia massacre, in which she is among the prime accused, that was to come out on June 30, but then differed to Aug 29.
Dr Kodnani was assigned work by the party at Naroda Patia where 98 people were killed in February 28, 2002. She is facing charges of leading and instigating the mob. However, the party had entrusted a task to her in the jail bharo andolan (court arrest agitation) against the Congress that was held on June 22. The statewide programme was held to protest against the Congress-led UPA government on the issue of inflation and high prices. The BJP workers courted arrest under leadership of senior leaders. It was planned in over 230 places in state.
The city BJP also made a plan to enlist senior leaders to lead workers during the agitation. Interestingly, the saffron party posted Dr Maya Kodnani at Naroda Patia along with Bhupendra Patel, chairman of the standing committee of the AMC. However, she was not present at the programme.