Saturday, November 24, 2012

It was a conspiracy to target Muslim community: Court

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Ahmedabad: The special SIT court on Wednesday held that the killing of 97 people at Naroda Patia was the result of a preplanned conspiracy.
    This is third of SIT-prosecuted post-Godhra riots cases in which the court has accepted the prosecution’s contention that the riots were not a spontaneous reaction to the Godhra carnage, but, rather, a result of meeting of minds to target the Muslim community.
    Earlier, two special courts in Anand had upheld the prosecution’s case that criminal conspiracy was hatched by the accused before the killings that took place in Ode town post the Godhra killings.
    In the Naroda Patia case, the defence lawyers maintained that the spread of word on Godhra was like a virus during that time.
    However, prosecutors Akhil Desai and Gaurang Vyas highlighted that most of the members of unlawful assembly were armed with weapons in this case.
    They argued that many of them were found in possession of alcohol pouches apart from canisters filled with inflammables. This, the prosecutors said, could not have happened without planning. The prosecution also argued that the rioters put up obstacles on roads to prevent cops or relief from reaching the victims.
    In two other cases of Sardarpura and Dipda Darwaja massacres, the SIT court declined to believe that there was any conspiracy hatched.
    However, another SIT court that heard the Godhra carnage case accepted the prosecution’s case of preplanned conspiracy to burn the bogie.
VHP to back Keshubhai against Modi? Ahmedabad: Is political trouble brewing for CM Narendra Modi ahead of the assembly polls? The VHP, a key ally, is upset with Modi. VHP leaders believe the BJP shouldn’t have distanced itself from former minister and sitting MLA, Maya Kodnani.
    The VHP has already been at loggerheads with Modi over a number of issues, including the CM’s new-found sadbhavana for minorities. It had previously raised concerns over the Modi government’s drive to demolish illegal temples and religious structures in Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad. A top VHP leader told TOI, on condition of anonymity, that the organisation will fight for Babu Bajrangi. The VHP even plans to issue a bandh call on Friday.
    Senior VHP leader Pravin Togadia is said to be growing closer to Modi’s bete noire, former CM Keshubhai Patel, who recently launched the Gujarat Parivartan Party. Sources say it may fully support Patel, making things difficult for Modi. TNN