Thursday, November 22, 2012

Govt staff get anti-Modi handouts

Gujarat EDN

IE 29AUG2012

After a major show of strength by various associations of the state government’s employees in Ahmedabad on Sunday, members of Gujarat Secretariat Federation (GSF) on Tuesday began distributing handouts urging employees to vote against the BJP government if it did not agree to their pending demands on raising allowances and other perks.
Thousands of four-page handouts were distributed in new and old secretariat offices and other government offices today.
The handouts, addressed to the employees and their family members, takes off from Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s famous Gaurav Yatra speech of 2002 where he said, “Ame paanch, amara pachees (we five, our 25),” apparently alluding to population explosion.
“We five, our twenty-five (one employee’s family of five can spoil at least 25 votes of BJP),” the handouts said.
At present, there are five lakh state government employees.
GSF president Manubhai Patel said it was not a pressure tactic at the election time but a fight for rights