Thursday, November 29, 2012

Enhance security for Naroda Patia judge: Sreekumar

Former IPS officer has warned of possible threat to Judge Jyotsna Yagnik from Hindutva groups

DNA Correspondent l Ahmedabad
Former DGP RB Sreekumar has written to SIT chief RK Raghavan and Gujarat’s in-charge DGP Chitranjan Singh seeking increased protection for Judge Jyotsna Yagnik who conducted the trial in the Naroda Patia massacre case.
In his letter, Sreekumar has stated that the conviction of 32 people in the massacre case has enhanced the image of the judiciary. However, the verdict had come as a shock to the Sangh Parivar and other Hindu organizations “which are highly depressed over the unexpected failure of the Modi government in shielding the accused,” Sreekumar has said.
He said that many such elements unhappy with the verdict may harbour animosity against Judge Yagnik and may resort to desperate action that may threaten the personal safety and security of the judge.
“Even if the Sangh Parivar organisations would not plan any untoward action against the judge, somebody in these groups, on one’s own individual initiative, may indulge in targeted action,” the letter states.
The letter also expresses apprehension about undesirable criminal action against the judge by the relations and friends of the convicted people.
Sreekumar has further said in the letter that the Naroda Patia verdict is also a slap in the face of Muslim Jehadi groups who are engaged in extensive propaganda against the Indian justice system. These groups have been harping that timely and purposeful justice is never delivered to the Muslims in riot cases, he said.
He also expressed the apprehension about such groups harming Judge Yagnik through covert operations and thereafter shifting the blame for their actions on Hindu groups.
Sreekumar has requested an urgent review of the threat perception to Judge Yagnik and tightening of the security and protection extended to her and to her family members.