Friday, November 16, 2012

Dipda Darwaza case: Prayers ahead of verdict

Ahmedabad: 29-07-12, Daily Eng. News.

Villagers Desire Communal Harmony


Palanpur: Residents of Savla,a village located 2 km from Dipda Darwaza that had
witnessed communal strife and a massacre in 2002,are yet to understand how such a
development could take place in their neighbourhood while they have been living in
communal harmony for ages.
They pray that communal brotherhood prevails in this village of
Mehsana.While the verdict in the Dipda Darwaza case is awaited on Monday residents
of Savla are praying for communal harmony.
Fulgiri Mahraj (85) does not tire of repeating Mahatma Gandhis hymn,Ishwar
Allah tero naam,sabko sanmati de bhagwan. The same sentiments are fully echoed by
Mahant Dharmendragiri,a priest at Sidheshwari Mata Temple at the village,who also
serves at the dargah of Gebanshah Pir located very close to the temple.
Both recall the painful event of 2002 that saw 11 members of a single family,
including two children and a 65-year-old woman,being killed on March 1,2002.
The village having 80 per cent Muslim residents has never seen communal
disharmony.Both communities have respected each others tradition and it is common
for Muslims to be present at the aarti at Sidheshwari Temple while majority of Hindus
are seen offering prayers at the dargah of Gebanshah Pir.

Jenti Patel,a villager said,It was mahantji who collected the contribution from
temple goers to renovate the Dargah.
The mahant also fondly remembers,When the 100-yearold temple was badly
damaged during the 2001 earthquake it was the Musims of the village who had
renovated it.
As many as 83 people,including a sitting MLA,are accused of the massacre.The
designated court is set to pronounce its verdict in the case on July 30.