Monday, October 15, 2012

Posters compare Gehlot with Modi

The 2011 Gopalgarh police firing incident, in which 10 Muslims were killed, has returned to haunt Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot ahead of his Ajmer visit to participate in an iftar ceremony. Posters comparing Gehlot with his Gujarat counterpart Narendra Modi surfaced in some of the mosques of dargah area on Saturday.
    Gehlot and Union minister Sachin Pilot along with 10 Rajasthan ministers and senior officials are scheduled to participate in an iftar party in Ajmer on July 31.
    The district administration went into a tizzy after the posters slamming Gehlot for the Gopalgarh firing were found in Ajmer, with police and intelligence units immediately put on alert said sources. A poster, undersigned by little-known Jagruk Musalman Samiti, found in a mosque behind the district collectorate drew parallel between Gopalgarh and Godhra riots of 2002 read: “Are Muslims ready to break their fast with those behind the killings in Gopalgarh? What is the difference between Godhra and Gopalgarh? What is the difference between Modi and Gehlot?” the poster read
    Similar posters criticizing Gehlot had come up in some mosques of western Uttar Pradesh before the assembly elections in that state. A dispute over the ownership of a land near a graveyard at Gopalgarh near Bharatpur led to clashes on September 14 last year. Police opened fire to control the rioting mob. The incident claimed lives of 10 people, all of whom were Muslims