Monday, October 15, 2012

Polls looming, Modi seeks to bond with Bihari migrants

Trying to strike a chord with migrants from Bihar in an election year, Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that “in the story” of Gujarat's development, “Gujarati and Bihari sweat cannot be separated because both are connected since long”.
Modi, who was chief guest at a function to mark the centenary year of Bihar's statehood, said there was a time when Kolkata hosted the highest number of Bihari migrants but now Surat has, perhaps, taken that slot.
On the historical connection between the two states, the CM said, “Few people know that it was the country's first home minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel who contributed the most in making Rajendrababu (Rajendra Prasad) India's first President. At the same time, it was Jay Prakash Narayan of Bihar who paved the way for Morarji Desai from Gujarat to become the Prime Minister.”
“There are several developed countries in the world while some are backward, which are struggling to get rid of its backwardness,” he said, adding, “The two powers (developed and backward) will have to come together to step forward.” “You have come from Bihar and settled here in Gujarat, yet don't forget your identity,” Modi said.
As many of the organisers had Jha surname, he said, “I told the organisers to change their surname from Jha to 'Aa' (come). Once they (migrants) are here in Gujarat, we never say Jaa (go) to anyone.”
The function was organised by the Maa Janki Seva Samiti, a six-year-old trust with a membership of 400, most of whom belong to the Maithili speaking region of Bihar.