Thursday, October 25, 2012

Keshubhai launches Gujarat Parivartan Party

Three days after resigning from the BJP, 84-year-old Keshubhai Patel declared formation of the Gujarat Parivartan Party at a function organised at his residence in Gandhinagar on Monday. Nearly 3,000 supporters from across the state were present at the function as Keshubhai became the founder president of the party.
Among those present were former CM Suresh Mehta, former Union Minister Kashiram Rana, MahaGujarat Janta Party president Gordhan Zadaphia, former Minister Nalin Bhatt, former Surat mayor Fakir Chauhan, former BJP MLA Siddharth Parmar, RSS veteran Pravin Maniar and many religious heads.
Mehta and Rana had resigned from BJP along with Keshubhai, the first BJP chief minister of Gujarat.
Zadaphia announced that his MJP, which was also born out of an anti-Modi rebellion, would merge with the new outfit within a couple of days.
Calling the day as historic, Keshubhai said, “(Chief Minister) Narendra Modi has damaged the glory of Gujarat and we will reinstate that glory very soon.” He also confirmed that he would contest elections, even against Modi if the party so wanted.
“We had declared to form our new party. Today, I officially announce the name of our party as Gujarat Parivartan Party,” he said.
Keshubhai, however, preferred to avoid any significant political attack on Modi or the BJP and spoke mainly about his new party. “As it is just the beginning and I have been appointed the president, I will only speak about the objective, policies and the ideology of our party,” he said.
The former CM added, “The party will be truly democratic, without any cast, community or religion bias. We believe in the human glory and freedom of speech.”
Keshubhai said he would announce party programmes and appointment of other office-bearers at state, district and taluka levels in a few days.
Responding to a question about rumours of former CM and senior Congress leader Shankersinh Vaghela joining his party, he said, “I welcome him (Vaghela) in the party.”
Keshubhai said, “The great leaders of Gujarat, such as Vir Narmad, Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Ravishankar Maharaj and Indulal Yagnik, dreamt of a glorified Gujarat based on the human model of development. Their dream is our dream. This party will be secular, inclusive of all, transparent, based on justice and high value. This party will be committed to nationalism, holistic and modern development and will increase the glory of India. The new party will give safe, rich and all inclusive and secular governance fully in accordance with our Constitution. I assure you that this party will remove the pain of Gujarat’s people.”