Monday, October 15, 2012

Japanese PM steers clear of Gujarat CM

The 25-member delegation that accompanied Gujarat chief minister
Modi to Japan returned to the state capital on Friday after four days
and 65 functions. Two television journalists were sponsored to air the
message of a successful visit.
    The information department had rarely worked so hard, sending out
scores of press releases and photographs of a smiling Modi. The CM,
however, was at all times inquiring what Muslims were thinking about
him back home after his interview to an Urdu weekly. He did not seem
too concerned about takeaways from Japan.
    Bureaucrats here are unable to explain why, after media managers
earlier said that Modi was going to Japan at the invitation of
Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, the CM never got to meet him.
Modi was instead able to meet only deputy PM Katsuya Okada.
    Incidentally, each corporate house coughed up Rs 36 lakh to be
part of the Modi brigade. Essar was the only exception, having gone
into a sulk after it was ordered by the Supreme Court to pay tax
arrears running into thousands of crores over failure to start its
Jamnagar refinery on time.