Monday, September 24, 2012

Keshubhai to declare party in 12 days

The former chief minister claims he will ring in inevitable change and
accuses Modi of being ‘married’ to Nano

I am not associated with anyone and will form my own party in few days. The
announcement will be made in 10 to 12 days,” said former Gujarat CM Keshubhai
Patel who started his campaign against Chief Minister Narendra Modi with his
Parivartan Sammelan (convention for change) in Vadodara on Sunday. He added that
the party will be an all-ideology party and he would bring Muslims to the mainstream.
Addressing the convention, Keshubhai seemed very confident of the change in
Gujarat political scenario in the next election. He said that change is on the cards and
he will soon launch a new party which will become numero uno with the support of
people. Keshubhai said that Modi had used pressure tactics in Delhi to come to Gujarat
and with his type of ideology even top BJP brass once told him that he will be removed
from the post.“Gujarat is passing through that phase where a bloody revolution will
soon take place if nothing changes. I am here to change the situation and continue from
where I had stepped down,” he said.
He said that Modi took credit for the works he (Keshubhai) started during his
tenure. “In my tenure as the CM I started many projects and works which are a
stepping stone in the growth of Gujarat but Modi took credit. He is the person who
always praises himself for no reason,” added Keshubhai. He said that Modi claimed
that he was unmarried but that is not true as he is married to Nano and brought it to
Gujarat from Kolkata. Keshubhai added that Modi doled out favours to Tata group and
sidelined key issues like unemployment. If a competition were to be organised for liers,
Modi would be the winner as he always makes false promises, Keshubhai said.
Former minister Gordhan Zadaphia also attacked Modi and said that his tour of
Japan is just to please the business fraternity there. “The state is reeling from scanty
rain and the farmers are a worried lot. Instead of helping them the CM went to Japan.
He went there only to please the business people in Japan,” said Zadaphia. He held
Modi responsible for the bad law and order situation in the state.
Former chief minister Suresh Mehta and Union minister Kashiram Rana also
accused Modi of bad governance in Gujarat and called for a change. Many NCP
workers and former minister and ex-police commissioner of Vadodara Jaspal Singh
was also present in the convention and sat on the dais. Singh had joined BJP recently
and was suspended for indiciplinary act.