Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Govt passes IITRM Bill

The state government on Thursday pushed through the Institute of
Infrastructure, Technology, Research and Management Bill in the monsoon session
without incorporating suggestions made by Governor Smt Kamala.
Governor Kamla had returned the bill introduced in the budget session for
establishing a Rs 67-crore institute in Chief Minister Narendra Modis Maninagar
constituency on the ground that the institution would be under government
control,which was undesirable.She cited three anomalies including failure to observe
parameters set by the University Grants Commission and lack of autonomy as the state
government was vested with the powers to appoint the chairman and director general of
the institute to be developed as Centre of Excellence.The governor had asked the
government to reconsider audit of accounts of the institute by a chartered accountant
firm and not scrutiny by CAG despite the state contributing Rs 85 crore for the institute.
Higher education minister Ramanlal Vora said the state had in the past passed
four Bills including that of PDPU,GNLU,FSL University and Raksha Shakti University
with the same provisions and Governor had signed the same.
Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly Shaktisinh Gohil said
since the institute was being formed under the UGC,its guidelines have to be
followed.Any law enacted by the state cannot override the act of the Parliament.Any
move to do that will be ultra vires and will not survive the strength of law.If the
governor has overlooked the anomalies in the past,it cannot be made a precedent to
pass faulty laws for the future. Congmen then staged a walkout.