Friday, August 3, 2012

Narendra Modi shielding corrupt ministers: Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal, a key aide of anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare,
on Friday accused Chief Minister Narendra Modi of protecting corrupt
ministers like Purshotam Solanki (fisheries and animal husbandry) and
Anandiben Patel (revenue and roads and building) and not appointing a
Lokayukta in state.
Kejriwal, who also spearheads India Against Corruption (IAC), was in
the state on Friday to participate in Graam Swaraj Satyagraha rally at
Lavad village in Gandhinagar to protest the state’s decision to write
off vast tracts of grazing land for the proposed Raksha Shakti
“I read the Gujarat High Court’s order in the case of corruption
charges against Purshotam Solanki. Despite a court order to allow the
minister’s prosecution, the CM has denied permission, which shows he
is protecting him. I also went through the documents of land scam
involving senior minister Anandiben Patel. Instead of taking the
government land back from industries for violation of rules, she
allowed them to sell off the land to other industries. The documents
received under the RTI indicate her role. These charges need to be
investigated in public interest. In Delhi, the PM is protecting his
corrupt ministers while the CM is doing the same in Gujarat,” Kejriwal
“The Gujarat government has played only politics for the last nine
years over Lokayukta’s appointment in the state. Since there is no
anti-graft watchdog in the state, no one can complain against corrupt
ministers or officials,” he added.
Kejriwal also raised the issue of murders of RTI activists and attacks
on those who are fighting against the corruption.