Friday, July 20, 2012

Naroda boy died at funfair, organisers dumped body

Fearing public wrath, organisers of funfair in Naroda disposed off 9-yr-old’s body in Palanpur

In a shocking crime that was unravelled on Thursday, two organisers of
a funfair in Naroda dumped the body of a nine-year-old boy, who had
died of electric shock while watching a performance, in Palanpur, to
evade responsibility and the subsequent public wrath and negative

The decomposed body of the child, who was missing since Sunday, was
found on Thursday near Chirasani village in Palanpur district. While
the parents of the child had lodged a missing person’s complaint at
Naroda police station on Sunday, some undisclosed sources are said to
have tipped off joint commissioner of police, sector 1, Ajay Tomar,
about the crime. He later asked the detection of crime branch to
investigate the case.

Addressing a press conference, Tomar said Mayur Thakore went to the
funfair on Sunday with his older brother. However, his brother
returned home, while he stayed back to watch the maut ka kuva or well
of death show.

While on the fair ground, Mayur came in contact with a live wire and
was electrocuted. When the owner of the fair, Kunal Bhatt, and maut ka
kuva stuntman Shaukat realised the boy was dead, they panicked and
decided to dispose of the body before anyone could find out.

Bhatt and one of his employees, Sattar Khan, then hauled the boy’s
body on to a bike and drove to Koba circle. The body was later put
into a car, brought from Kalol by the other two accused, Lala and
Mishra, Tomar said. Mishra and Bhatt were joint organisers of the

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