Friday, July 13, 2012

Modi protecting Cabinet colleagues, says Kejriwal

Chief Minister Narendra Modi was protecting his cabinet colleagues
by not allowing prosecution against them, Team Anna member Kejriwal
said on Friday. The activist referred to the recent controversy over
Modi’s refusal to sanction filing of FIR against Purushottam Solanki,
minister of state for fisheries.
Kejriwal was in the city to support an agitation against allotment
of community grazing land at Lavad village in Dehgam for state
government’s proposed Raksha Shakti University.
Questioned if he considered Modi to be corrupt, Kejriwal said, “I
don’t have evidence proving Modi is corrupt. But he is protecting his
Cabinet colleagues by not granting sanction for prosecution of
ministers against whom allegations were made. If Modi government was
serious about creating a corruption-free state, it would have
appointed a lokayukta,” Kejriwal alleged, adding, “If a minister or
principal secretary in Gujarat has been indulging in corruption, who
will investigate or inquire into it? This is a very dangerous
situation that there is no authority to investigate corruption of
ministers, high-ranking officials; and that too for past nine years.”
Ishaq Maradia, an activist, has accused Solanki of corruption in
the grant of fishing contracts and filed a petition in the HC over the
issue. The state has told HC that Modi and two other ministers had
taken the decision to refuse the sanction to prosecute Solanki.
Kejriwal said, “If fingers were pointed at members of our team, Annaji
would not have tried to stop probe against us.”
Referring to murders of RTI activists, he said, “It seems that
there is a situation in Gujarat that corruption will go on, there
won’t be anyone to investigate and whoever raises the voice against
corruption will be murdered,” he said.
He added, “We have only two demands from the government: Introduce
strong Lokayukta Act, appoint a lokayukta promptly; and give back
grazing land to villagers. Land is where large-scale corruption takes
place. Government acquires land and gives it to big industries. This
is wrong and should be stopped.”...

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