Thursday, July 12, 2012


Corruption, fake charisma, false claims, failing law and order, farmers’ misery and decline in growth rate are some of the charges the former CM has levelled against Modi govt in his letter to the party leadership

Stung by the campaign led by Keshubhai Patel and a letter written by him to senior national BJP leaders, including party president Nitin Gadkari, the Modi government has decided to give a point by point rebuttal to the allegations made against it in the letter, but finding it difficult to do so. Keshubhai on Saturday had written a strongly worded letter in Hindi to the national leaders after returning from Delhi. The leaders to whom he made representations were said to have met him with a stoic silence. The chief minister’s office has procured a copy of the letter and sources claim it is finding it tough to respond to the points raised by the former chief minister. A former BJP minister who has joined hands with Keshubhai against the Modi government confirmed the contents of the letter and said that copies of the letter have been sent to national BJP leaders. 
    Ahmedabad Mirror has got a copy of the letter. Here are the 10 points Keshubhai has raised, putting Modi government in the dock. 
CORRUPTION AND INFLATION Keshubhai has called Modi government the most corrupt in the country. If the government is non-corrupt, why is the lokayukta not being appointed, he asks. Despite it being corrupt, leaders in Delhi are shielding the government. Gujarat government wants unlimited powers without responsibility. 
    The state is reeling from the effects of inflation but the state government has failed to take any step to give respite to people. 
FAKE CHARISMA Keshubhai claims the popularity of Modi is based on fake charisma. The state government uses state transport buses to gather people and show a crowd during political programmes. BJP has lost Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation election and the bypolls for the Mansa assembly seat...