Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gujarat in grip of Emergency, blogger Keshubhai says in his maiden post

BJP rebel and former chief minister Keshubhai Patel, in his first blog posted in Gujarati, has severely criticised the police action against parents of the missing children in the state and said a state worse than the Emergency prevailed in Gujarat.
Stating that 37 years have passed since the Emergency, he said it was surprising that an atmosphere like the Emergency still existed in Gujarat. Chief Minister Narendra Modi, had in a post on his blog on Monday, severely criticised Indira Gandhi and Congress as a whole for the Emergency.
Keshubhai’s blog, seeming like a riposte, refers to the demonstrations on Monday by parents whose children have gone missing. He says all these parents were emotionally disturbed and wanted to submit a representation to Modi but they were subjected to misbehaviour by the police.
“Why is the Gujarat chief minister so scared of these people?” the blog says. “These people had no political agenda and no personal interest. Can’t these people meet you to present their problems and grievances?” Keshubhai asked.
“Is this not an atmosphere worse than that during Emergency?” he wrote.