Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Set own house in order first: Nitish to Modi

When Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi made a remark that the
casteist leaders have pushed Bihar to economic backwardness, how could
his Bihar counterpart Nitish Kumar be mum? On Monday the Bihar Chief
Minister retorted that Modi should first look at his situation instead
of making comments on others. Nitish Kumar, though, kept silence over
the killing of Ranvir Sena chief Brameshwar Singh Mukhia.
“Before making comments on others one should think over one’s own
situation”, said the Bihar Chief Minister, while adding that Bihar has
been making progress on the path of development by taking care of
various adversities and problems dogging it over the years.
“Bihar has been a place of learning since ancient times”, said Nitish Kumar.
Earlier, at the State BJP executive meeting in Rajkot on Sunday
Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, apparently a Prime Ministerial
contender of Nitish Kumar, had said that it was caste politics which
has been responsible for the economic slowdown and lack of development
in Bihar.
When media persons approached Nitish Kumar for his reactions on Modi’s
comments, the Bihar Chief Minister answered while citing two local
vernacular proverbs.
“Chalani soop ko dushe… Dhemar puche pulli se hum acche hain na…
(those with bigger sins complain about the lesser ones). He should
first see what he has done in Gujarat”, slammed Nitish Kumar.
When asked to elaborate the proverbs, the Bihar chief minister quipped
that he was not in the habit of making comments about others but left
it to make out the meaning to the media. “It is for you (media) to
interpret my comments”, he said.
Both the Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi and his Bihar
counterpart Nitish Kumar are widely known as adversaries as far as
NDA’s Prime Ministerial candidates are concerned.
Though, Nitish Kumar is running his alliance government in Bihar with
the support of the BJP but he deliberately chose to disassociate
himself with Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi apparently “to keep
his secular image intact”.
He even had not allowed Narendra Modi to enter Bihar for poll campaigns.
Meanwhile, RJD chief Lalu Prasad who celebrated his 65th Birth Day on
Monday, got an opportunity to corner his bĂȘte noire Nitish Kumar.
“Narendra Modi is the leader of Nitish Kumar… Nitish Kumar should be
asked such questions or his deputy Shushil Kumar Modi should respond”,
said Lalu Prasad when asked about for his comments on Narendra Modi’s
recent comments on Bihar.
Significantly, Bihar chief minister kept silence over killing of
banned upper caste private militia Ranvir Sena chief Brameshwar Singh
Mukhia on June 1. Nitish Kumar, however, favoured consensus for the
Presidential poll in July and said that the “UPA government should
declare its candidate at the earliest”. “It will be appropriate if the
next president of the country is elected by consensus ... I am a
votary of consensus on the issue”, said Nitish Kumar on the sidelines
of his weekly Janata Darbar.