Saturday, May 12, 2012

Modi govt gets into election mode

 The state government has started hectic preparations for
legislative assembly elections scheduled for December. A meeting to be
held on May 2 will have the BJP members brainstorm on the election
manifesto and chart the plan of action for the party ahead of
On May 2, Chief Minister Narendra Modi, other ministers, party
president RC Faldu, top BJP leaders and office bearers will meet at
the community hall located in the ministerial enclave. The party has
prepared a election database based on 60 points covering
electionrelated information collected meticulously from each district.
   The party had asked ministers, MLAs and office bearers at both the
district and state levels to fill in forms that covered the 60 points.
These included details about the electorate in their constituencies
with break-ups of caste, women and youth and other classifications.
Details of families below poverty line, other backward castes, were
also sought in the form. It also sought information on government
projects and works in the area completed or inprogress and how the
works will impact the electorate.
Modi has reportedly given clear-cut instructions to in-charge
ministers to visit the districts on Wednesdays and submit a report of
implementation of government works and schemes, delay in
implementation and inferior work done among others. The reports will
be submitted directly to the chief minister. The decision has been
taken following allegations of shoddy implementation of government
works and schemes during the garib kalyan melas.
The government and party functionaries will also discuss booth
management during the top-level meeting. This includes the
reconstitution of the booth-level committees and micromanagement of
booths during elections. There are roughly 40,000 booths with an
average of 1,500 voters per booth. The meeting will appoint booth
managers as well as expenditure monitoring agents, compulsory as per
Election Commission guidelines.
Group meetings, sheri meetings and mohalla meetings will be organised
in all 182 seats to take the election campaign to the sheris in each
district. Tiffin meetings will also be organised where BJP members
will hold discussions to garner votes over luncheons. Workers will
also be directed to have a night halt with big, joint families who
wield tremendous clout.