Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Urgent Press Release from Citizens for Justice and Peace

September 12, 2011

Press Release

Victim survivors and Citizens for Justice and Peace welcome the judgement passed by the Honourable Supreme Court in the Zakia Ahsan Jafri & Citizens for Justice and Peace SLP 1088/2008 today. The order is annexed to this press release.

While the prayers in our petition was for the registration of an FIR against chief minister Narendra Modi and 61 others and transfer of the investigations to CBI, the Order of the Court goes far beyond this and in fact directs the SIT to, under Section 173(2) chargesheet all accused on the basis of our complaint and submit all reports of the SC-driven investigation including the SIT reports, the Amicus Raju Ramachandran reports to the MagistrateĆ¢€™s Court hearing the Gulberg trial. Moreover as paras 8 and 9 of the Order excerpted below show, we as complainants have been given full locus to be heard and make our case whether the SIT decides to drop some of the accused or if the Magistrate decides to file a closure report. The victim survivors and CJP hope that the SIT will now undertake its job professionally.

The CJP would also like to take this opportunity to express gratitude to all its advocates and lawyers who have appeared pro bono in this and other 2002 related matters.

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