Saturday, September 17, 2011

Back To Deuce?

Do Modi and BJP really have reason to celebrate the Supreme Court order?

Smruti Koppikar
The Last Nine Years...

February 28, 2002: Mobs attack Gulberg Society. Former Congress MP Ehsan Jafri is
charred to death, 68 others are also killed

June 8, 2006: Ehsan Jafri's widow, Zakiya, seeks FIR against Narendra Modi & 61

May 1, 2007: Zakiya moves the Gujarat High Court after the police don't entertain her
complaint. The court dismisses her plea on Nov 2.

Apr 27, 2009: The Supreme Court asks an SIT to look into the complaint

May 14, 2010: SIT submits its report with Prashant Bhushan as amicus curiae

Oct 26, 2010: Bhushan quits. New amicus Raju Ramachandran finds flaws in SIT report.
In Mar 2011, SIT is asked to probe case again.

Apr 25, 2011: SIT submits final report to SC

May 5, 2011: SC gives report to amicus curiae

Sep 12, 2011: SC directs trial court in Gujarat to take up the case.

It was through journalists that Zakiya Jafri, 75, heard about the September 12 Supreme Court order on her petition seeking an FIR against 62 persons, including chief minister Narendra Modi, in the Gulberg Society killings during the 2002 Gujarat carnage. Seated in her son Tanvir’s house in Surat, where a power cut had cut off her access to television, she got to know about the order when TV reporters sought her reaction on it. They told her that Modi had been granted “a reprieve, a clean chit”, making her worst expectations come true. As Modi tweeted “God is great” and the BJP exulted in “victory”, inundating the media with soundbites, Jafri’s perception only gained strength.

It was only in the next couple of hours, as she spoke with Tanvir, who was in the court with her lawyers and co-petitioners, that her reaction went from dismay and disappointment to quiet
satisfaction and triumph. “I understand that we are now finally on the path of justice. I am okay
with the order,” she told Tanvir. He, on his part, later told Outlook: “The channels first said Modi got a ‘clean chit’, then the BJP said the same. How is it a ‘clean chit’ when Modi has to appear before the magistrate’s court in Gujarat? Even my mother now understands this.”

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