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Amicus Curiae Set to Slam SIT.

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Many Gujarat IPS Officers In The Line Of Fire Ajay Umat | TNN

Ahmedabad: The confidential report submitted by senior counsel Raju Ramachandran, the new amicus curiae appointed by the Supreme Court to study and analyse the allegations made by Zakia Jafri, a survivor of the Gulbarg Society massacre, could put several senior police officials of Gujarat in trouble for their dubious role in handling of the riots and the process of justice.

In fact, Ramachandran is likely to raise a question mark on the report submitted by then SIT chief and former CBI director R K Raghavan which deals with Gulbarg Society and eight other major cases of the 2002 riots.

Ramachandran, who came in as amicus curiae in place of Prashant Bhushan, submitted the report to the SC on July 25. It is likely to open a fresh can of worms when made public shortly.

Gujarat officials, who served on the SIT, are well aware of Ramachandran's clear view that the 'diluted' Raghavan report was not in tune with the 'strong' evidence placed before it.

The already tainted Gujarat officials were in for a shock when the SC took an unprecedented step to appoint an amicus curiae to review its own SIT. Ramachandran's final report is likely to further embarrass IPS officers Geetha Johri and Shivanand Jha who were removed by the SC from the SIT because of their dubious role, even while Raghavan defended them in vain.

Ramachandran is likely to slam Raghavan on many counts. Ramachandran, during his recent visit to Ahmedabad, found many policemen willing to spill the beans on top police officers posted in Ahmedabad where the worst riots took place in 2002. This could impact IPS officers P C Pande, M K Tandon and P B Gondia — the first two having retired from service.


SIT did not make any special efforts to bring out the truth in nine major cases entrusted to it by Supreme Court

In case of Godhra train burning and British citizen murder case (Prantij) charge-sheets filed by SIT were substantially the same as those filed by Gujarat police

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