Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Adanis Forest Land in Kutch

Ahmedabad MIRROR

Ahmedabad: 10-08-11, Daily Eng. News.

Team fails to locate land

The Union Environment and Forests panel ventured into the sea in a BSF boat but could not locate the land on which the industrial group is supposed to have developed forest


The Union Environment and Forests Ministry panel visited the land in Kutch on which Adani Group was supposed to have carried out compensatory afforestation in lieu of the land granted to it for its Mundra Port and Special Economic Zone project.

The three panel members took a BSF boat from a jetty near Narayan Sarovar.Sources said they could not locate the said land.The search for the piece of land took them so close to the Indo-Pak border that BSF had to alert them.There was only water,blue water, said Adam Chaki,the local worker whose petition has brought the alleged irregularities in the land deals by the state government and the Adani Group under spotlight.Chaki had accompanied the MEF team.Nearly 30 officials from Adani and about 50 from the government,including the police,assembled near Narayan Sarovar to begin the search.

Dr J C Kala-led team enquired with forest official P L Parmar who had prepared the map of the area showing the land.

Chaki said Parmar pleaded loss of memory and that he did not remember the details of the map and the land.The land surveyor was also present,but nobody could show the land, Chaki added.The team then visited the Mundra forest land near the port and also spotted an illegally built road.


Demanding police protection,Chaki said,I requested Kutch DSP and home secretary for protection.I might be targeted by people who feel I am harming their interest.Today at Narayan Sarovar,some goons gave me a threatening look.


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