Thursday, May 26, 2011

Food insecurity high in Guj: Report

India ranks 67th among 122 nations on global hunger index.

Gujarat, according to International Food Policy Research Institute reports, has food insecurity levels from 0.621-0.776, making it a highly food insecure state.
This was revealed at a state-level consultation jointly organised on Tuesday by NGO Centre for Health Education, Training and Nutrition Awareness (CHETNA), Gujarat Social Infrastructure Development Board Society and the general administration department (planning) of the Government of Gujarat.
The aim of the consultation was to suggest strategies to improve the nutrition level of women and children in Gujarat.
According to CHETNA, despite economic development and progress in several key health and mortality indicators, the food insecurity levels range from 0.218 to 0.89 in the country.
India holds 67th rank among 122 nations in the global hunger index.
According to Indu Capoor, director of CHETNA, "Discussing and formulating a strategy to tackle the problem of malnutrition has been on our mind for a very long time. Since the state government is also keen on working to solve this problem, we decided to have this consultation with grassroot-level organisations, experts and government officials.
As solving the problem of malnutrition is not the job of one particular government department, it was important that all the above mentioned organisations brainstormed together.
The recommendations of the consultation will be presented to higher level authorities who could probably take necessary action."
The Government of Gujarat observed Nirogi Bal Varsh during 2008-09 ensuring focused intervention for improving nutrition and health status of children. Gujarat has an under-nutrition rate of 47% despite the economic growth in the state.
The Swarnim Gujarat Goals for development of the state include ensuring that every pregnant woman, nursing mother and child below the age of two years receives nutrition for optimum health and development.
Gujarat has prioritised an agenda to work towards reducing under-nutrition, particularly among adolescents, women and children through the Gujarat Nutrition Mission.

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